Thursday, 10 February 2011

UK to roll out border agent training on LGBT asylum claims

Source: UK Border Agency

A new asylum consideration training course on sexual orientation has been devised for asylum case owners to help them conduct sensitive and objective enquiries.

The new one-day training module, which was piloted in London and Liverpool, has been developed to support the publication of the recent asylum instruction on sexual orientation.

As part of the training, decision makers learn how to interview applicants whose claims are brought on the grounds of sexual orientation sensitively and effectively, using appropriate lines of questioning. The training will also enhance decision makers’ ability to make the most of country of origin information and write the most effective decisions possible.

The training has been devised with input from key corporate partners including the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Stonewall and the UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group and is expected to be rolled out to all regions by March 2011.

The course highlights some of the challenges in dealing with lesbian, gay and bisexual asylum claims and offers excellent advice on the correct approaches. Trainees particularly welcomed the opportunity to discuss questioning techniques and to share their own experiences.


This publication led Refugee Action to remark on their Facebook page:
Some success on our campaign for a fairer process for lesbian and gay people seeking asylum: UK Border Agency announce a new 'asylum consideration training course on sexual orientation' for their staff. Massive thanks to all who took action
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