Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Gay Iranian granted Italian asylum, can stay with husband in Rome

Vahid Kiani Motlagh
Source: EveryOne

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Vahid Kiani Motlagh, 32 year old Iranian homosexual, which in 2007 had taken refuge in Italy fleeing from persecution in Iran, won asylum in our country as a refugee.

EveryOne Group, after the Foundation Massimo Consoli and the French association La Cimade had given the alarm, had launched an international campaign for the life of Vahid - which had joined the association radical Some LGBT rights groups and some Italian.

Vahid was arrested in France May 25, 2009 while on his way from Italy to Belgium to get married with his boyfriend. The boy, conducted in the detention center of Lyon Saint-Exupery, after the activists had called for the intervention the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Italy and the French ambassador Jean-Marc de la Sablière, and the cooperation between the French and the Italian Government, was transferred June 26, 2009 back in Italy.

"We had immediately appealed to House Speaker Gianfranco Fini," explained the co-chairmen of EveryOne Roberto Malini, Matteo Pegoraro and Dario Picciau, "to avert that Vahid was conducted once landed at Heathrow in a CIE or even deported to Iran where, with high probability would be put to death. Fini's diplomatic adviser "continued," We had information that the President immediately after the House had immediately proceeded to raise the foreign ministry and the Ministry of the Interior, and after a few hours Vahid was was released from police headquarters in Rome, being able to hug your partner and present, assisted by a lawyer, a regular request for asylum. Now at last, "the activists of the group," we can say that was completed a battle of civilizations, that returned to life and freedom to a persecuted innocent. Fini thank President for giving a substantial contribution to the successful resolution of the story, "say Malini, Pegoraro and Picciau," and all the associations and individuals who have actively Vahid request that was not delivered to the Executioner and the benefit of legitimate international protection. "

"We are finally happy and serene, after much suffering, thanks to all those who were mobilized to keep us united," said Vahid on the phone and his partner Patrick Matteo Pegoraro of EveryOne, shortly after learning the news. "The international campaign which you have accomplished has been instrumental in convincing the Board to grant asylum to refugee status. We hope," concluded "that the story of Vahid serve to sensitize the Italian and European institutions on what is necessary to ensure so that applications for international protection are never underestimated, since undermine the fundamental right of a human being to life and freedom of self expression. We also hope that you speed up the procedures for granting international protection to refugees to prevent applicants Asylum additional psychological pressure, which add to their already critical physical and mental condition. "
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