Monday, 7 February 2011

Dutch may change immigration rules for LGBT couples

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Source: Radio Netherlands

Immigration Minister Gerd Leers says he is going to look into family reunion for homosexuals following a meeting with a Dutch gay rights organisation COC.

The coalition agreement and support agreement with the anti-immigration Freedom Party states that couples can only be reunited if they are married, but in most countries it is impossible for gay men, lesbians, transgender people to marry someone of the same sex. As a result their partners do not have a right to come to the Netherlands.

Minister Leers says he will look into exceptions to this policy. Democrat D66 MP Gerard Schouw wants the stipulation scrapped. He says the Freedom Party's policy to limit migration has been given priority over gay rights.

The minister promised an investigation into the abuse of homosexuals in asylum centres. He also promised to look into the persecution of gays in Uganda with regard to procedures for asylum in the Netherlands, following the recent murder of Ugandan gay rights activist David Kato.

The COC is moderately positive about the minister's promises but says it will follow his actions critically.
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