Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Three men hanged for allegedly raping a teenage boy in Iran

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Source: Gay Middle East

By Dan Littauer

The government run Iranian judiciary website reported that three men were hanged 24 January after their death sentenced was approved by Iran's supreme court. The three were arrested in June 2007 and later convicted in court for raping a teenage boy in Iran.

Many men are executed in Iran for alleged rape of another male, the Iranian penal code does not distinguish clearly between homosexuality, sodomy or rape. In many cases the Iranian courts sanctions confession under torture as evidence and a rather arbitrary ruling based on the "judges special knowledge." GME was, until now, unable to verify the details of this case - if the allegations were true or, as often the case, fabricated or distorted by the authorities.

Saghi Ghahraman, chair of the Iranian Queer Organization (IRQO) commented:
"there is a lack of transparency in the Iranian courts, which has always been a problem during the past 30 years. This has worsened following the 2009 elections, and includes all cases tried in courts and not only related to sodomy."
The name of the three men hanged today:
  • Ghavaam Ataakeshzadeh, son of Shakoor
  • Mustafaa Karimi Khanghaah, son of Mohamad
  • Reza Dehghaan, son of Hoseinali
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