Tuesday, 21 December 2010

As the Netherlands freezes, the government evicts asylum seekers

Melkenyan Mary and her husband
Source: Trouw

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Despite promises by Minister Leers (immigration and asylum) are in the freezing cold, asylum seekers put on the street. That happened recently in the refugee camps and Geeuwenbrug Emmen and is today the couple Harut and Mary Melkenyan from Armenia in Apeldoorn azc waiting.

Leers minister said last week in the House that in winter conditions is obvious that no one 'geklinkerd "put on the street, be:" There is of course very wisely handled. In that respect it can decide to trust. "
Nevertheless MP Hans Spekman was a motion that was rejected yesterday. The PvdA advocated the cold weather system, which in many municipalities for the homeless is to follow. "The scheme comes from GGD physicians know what is healthy and what is dangerous. Why does the minister not just serious? "Spekman said.

Leers said "such an agreement formalizing incredibly difficult." He said the "assessment of azc's about wanting to" Take it from me that the people there are in the interest of the asylum act. If that is wrong, I'm the one you can appeal, "he said.

"Wednesday I will do so immediately," said Spekman after rejecting the motion. "This is a disgrace. I am sick and tired: this is a lap dance lap Leers Geert Wilders. "

In many cities, is now the cold weather system. Cities provide extra places to sleep and homeless are encouraged to stay inside. Amsterdam uses even an emergency ordinance for the homeless from the streets and into a shelter to bring.

Asylum seeker Melkenyan Mary and her husband received a letter Friday that they have to leave today from azc Apeldoorn. "Tuesday was there anybody else that threatens the police come, and we go to jail. We are refugees, not criminals. It is cold, my husband has a high fever: it does no one out. We do not know anybody who we can possibly go: that nobody believes. Through some we have a phone list from people who might help, but I've never seen anybody can achieve. "
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