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Sweden threatens Iraqi lesbian couple with removal

Update, December 6: Melanie Nathan reports that she received a note from their advocate, Amine Kakabaveh. a Swedish MP:
I have a Good News , the girls have got a decision from the European court that Sweden should not deport them.  I’m very happy for that. I will thank you and everyone who has been engaged in their case. Unfortunately there are several other  cases of women who are victims for the same inhuman politician decisions. Please, be in touch when you have time. Thank you once again  from me and the girls for the very successful campaign.

Source: Aftonbladet

By Annika Sohlander Cassel

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"They are sent to death"

The Kurdish women Pari and Dilsa have one wish: to live together.

But soon they deported to Iraq, where homosexuals are persecuted and killed.

"It is like sending them straight to the cemetery", says MP Amine Kakabaveh (V).

They live in a small room in one of the Migration Board flats. The decision from the Immigration Court that they be sent out of the country for more than a week, gnaws.

"As a prison"

"It's like a prison without doors or windows. We are so afraid that we can barely sleep or eat, "says Dilsa.

The two women who are in their 30s was hit in Iraq five years ago. But they had to sneak by their emotions. Paris family belongs to one of the most powerful Muslim clans in the country with governmental power. Being a lesbian in the environment was an impossibility.

"It is not against the law because of that they do not believe it exists, "said Amine Kabavah.

Death row of the clan

When the Pari was married off to a relative, she refused and confessed that she loved a woman.

Death sentences were issued by the clan. First Pari would be killed, then Dilsa.

With the help of his mother managed to Pari flee to Sweden in 2006.

While hiding Dilsa at a friend in Iraq. Friend's brother raped her, and she became pregnant.

"I fled to Sweden three months of Pari and here I had an abortion", she says, while she dries her tears. Dilsa brother helped her get out of the country.

Want to get married

When they reunited in Sweden, they wanted to realize a dream: to marry. But the missing documents and they were told that they must obtain a passport.

Dilsa brother in Iraq arranged a passport for his sister, afterwards he was murdered.
If they killed my brother, what will they do to me?
According to the Migration Board, the person liable to be persecuted because of their sexual orientation get protection in Sweden.

"Why not become so in this case, I can not answer because there is privacy, "said press officer John Rahm.

Facebook group in support of the lesbians girls from Iraq

By Amine Kabavah

Following two deportation order of lesbians girls from Iraq, I have taken the initiative to start a Facebook group that advises us all to join in. The presentation is as follows:

Stop the deportation of LGBT people

I have been in contact with two young lesbians girls from Iraqi Kurdistan who have fled forced marriage to a safe haven in Sweden. But the Migration Board's refusal to give them any sanctuary.

One of the girls' brother has already had killed because he helped his sister to escape a forced marriage. The other belongs to a powerful clan family. Being a woman and LGBT persons are apparently no reason to get asylum despite the fact that every day is murdered girls in different parts of the Middle East (and especially in Iraq). There is nothing to get in order to ensure the girls' freedom, neither in konstiatutionen in Iraq or in the laws in force in Iraqi Kurdistan. Even religion, family and social context is for these girls' disadvantage.

If you are opposed to the Migration Board show the girls in similar situations, you should join this group.

The organization behind the petition is neither whore or subdued.

The link to the group can be found here.

Swedish TV news report

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  2. I have heard of such atrocities before. Sadly the iraqi lesbian community isn't as strong as it should be. Not because they are a rarity, but because they fear to comeout. is of an outed lesbian and she could maybe help.


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