Wednesday, 3 November 2010

'Stop the Deportations': a new website for LGBT binational couples

Source: Miami Herald

By Steve Rothaus

Attorney Lavi Soloway, a founder of Immigration Equality, has launched a website, Stop the Deportations, for gay and lesbian binational couples fighting "discrimination caused by The Defense of Marriage Act and U.S. Immigration Law.''

From the website:

STOP THE DEPORTATIONS is a campaign launched in October 2010 by a group of married binational couples working with attorney, Lavi Soloway, a founder of Immigration Equality and a partner in the law firm, Masliah & Soloway. Our purpose is to raise awareness of the cruel impact of the DEFENSE OF MARRIAGE ACT on married gay and lesbian binational couples. Because the federal government denies recognition to these legally married couples, they are deprived of the usual access to immigration laws that allow all other American citizens to petition for a green card for their foreign spouses. 
In most cases, DOMA is the only obstacle preventing married binational couples from achieving resolution of the immigration issue. Because of DOMA, married binational couples are faced with the very real threat of being torn apart because of expiring visas or deportation orders. Other binational couples are exiled to other countries where their relationships are recognized under the law. Still others are kept apart, left to maintain a long-distance relationship on line, by phone calls and visits.
First posting: A Honeymoon for This Gay Binational Couple Means Going to Battle With The U.S. Government
"The final touches are in place for their late October wedding by the sea: the marriage license, the red and orange orchids, and the matching gold rings. But the honeymoon will be different. After they exchange vows, Greg Gould and Aurelio Tiné will immediately go to battle with the US government."
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