Monday, 29 November 2010

New information on refugee flows into Europe

Source: Ecre

[EU agency] Frontex has released an updated map [PDF] of the situation at the external borders of the EU, taking into account the number of detections of illegal-border crossing and refusals of entry from January to September 2010.

Compared to the same period in 2009, 71% less migrants have attempted to cross irregularly through the EU maritime borders. It is mainly noticeable in the Canary Islands (-99%), Malta (-98%), Greece (-76%) and Italy (-65%). The map also shows an increase of 369% of migrants crossing the Greek-Turkish land border. This map doesn’t take into account the ongoing RABIT operation at the Greek-Turkish border. Among the people identified by Frontex as trying to access the European territory in an irregular manner, there are nationals from refugee-producing countries and territories, such as Afghanis, Palestinians and Somalis. Information is not provided on whether they had access to an asylum procedure.

Frontex should be complemented in 2011 by a European border surveillance system, EUROSUR, as presented in the Commission’s Communication on the EU Internal Security Strategy. It is announced that the EU will launch in 2011 a pilot project at its southern and south-western border “exploring synergies on risk analysis and surveillance data concerning different types of threats, such as drugs and people smuggling”.
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