Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Video: Jamaican PM spins justification for homophobia & discrimination

Source: Gay News Bits

"Is Jamaica Homophobic?" - " Why are homosexual acts illegal in Jamaica?" -- Questions fit for a PM's spin...
In this BigThink interview, Bruce Golding, the Prime Minister of Jamaica says that the reason why homosexual acts are illegal in Jamaica is because they "are a predominately a Christian country and a fervently Christian country," that has some real fears -- real fears such as having gays flaunting and throwing their gay lifestyle in society's faces, undermining the family unit and the basic fabric of society. On the other hand he thinks Jamaican's aren't going to be particularly perturbed about gays and their "private relationships". He also notes: "What is illegal in Jamaica is buggery, which is in fact making homosexual acts illegal." And: "But I think much of what has been carried in the international media in terms of homophobia in Jamaica is grossly exaggerated." --Watch him spin:


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