Thursday, 2 September 2010

Video: Palestinian gay refugees in Israel; Israeli gay Arab kidnapped

Source: BBC on MiddleEastNewsWatch

Source: LezGetReal

By Melanie Nathan

The Jerusalem Post, is reporting that “Four men from the Muslim village of Tamra, 20 km. east of Acre, were arrested on Tuesday night on suspicion of kidnapping a 19-year-old gay relative because of his sexual orientation.”

The victim moved to Tel Aviv in an attempt to escape his family who were his tormentors. When they  found him walking near his apartment, the took him and assaulted his friend,  who alerted the police.

The Post reports that the victim was beaten and held for about 12 hours until the police caught up with the car carrying the kidnappers and victim.

A year and a half ago, the victim, named Angel moved to Tel Aviv, but his family members, who strongly opposed his lifestyle, continued to harass him in an attempt to “set him back on the right path.”  “I started working as a drag-queen, and after my photos appeared on the internet, I started receiving threats,” Angel told Ynet.

“At first they told me ‘take the pictures off the internet, or we’ll kill you.’ I was surprised, but moved on as usual. I had a good relationship with my family, so I ignored it,” he said. Now this and “I was afraid for my life.”
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