Friday, 17 September 2010

Tsvangeri blanches on homosexuality, again

By Paul Canning

Zimbabwe's Prime Minister speaking to the Guardian.
Tsvangirai angered critics in the west earlier this year when he spoke out against homosexuality. But he said today: "We're not writing a constitution for the west, we're writing a constitution for Zimbabweans. It is Zimbabweans that have to give their views regarding that particular issue. I hope they will be progressive, they will be liberal, but I know how Zimbabweans feel about that particular subject."
Asked for his personal view, Tsvangirai said: "There's no such thing as personal view. If I give my personal view, people will say the prime minister is influencing what the outcome should be. My personal view is known publicly and I don't need to repeat that."
Actually, nobody does know because on the one hand he 'speaks out' and on the other he backs down and supports 'progressive/liberal'.

Meanwhile Zimbabwe's organised LGBT are being raided by the police in order to, at least in part, keep them out of the discussion on the new constitution.


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