Saturday, 11 September 2010

Revealed: UK Border Agency do pay attention to protests

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Source: Free Movement

A recent request to Freedom of Information team at UKBA. For the 2009-10 financial year, c) Total payments broken down by individual airline d) Total number of persons removed broken down by individual airline, was refused. An appeal to UKBA internal review panel upheld the refusal, but were more forthcoming as to why. Blaming 'No Borders South Wales' and 'Corporate Watch' for non disclosure.
19. Disclosure would be likely to damage the commercial interests of these airlines by identifying them as potential targets for interested parties. For example, the information may enable individuals to target airports of departure in an effort to cause maximum disruption. In considering the review I have established that there are historical examples of campaigns and groups targeting organisations that work with UKBA, in the removal of failed asylum seekers.
20. The airline BMI has been the target of a sustained campaign by the organisation No Borders. They have in the past run a monthly Shut BMI Down Day in which they encourage people to call the airline's public telephone numbers and has distributed leaflets inside of Cardiff International Airport. Full details can be found at the following website:
21. Similarly, campaigners have tried to convince airline passengers to protest about failed asylum seekers who are on the same plane and they have tried to organise boycotts of particular airlines because of their work with UKBA:
22. Furthermore, disclosure of the information could be used to target the airport and/or flight operators and commercially damage them. It could discourage flight operators from co-operating with UKBA on future occasions. Without this cooperation UKBA would be unable to conduct its business and successfully effect removal.

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