Sunday, 6 June 2010

US Catholic bishops, evangelicals join forces against LGBT immigration reform

Source: Melanie Nathan
On June 4 independent activists launched a campaign to engage the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and the National Associations of Evangelicals (NAE) requesting that they cease and desist from the continued lobby activities against LGBT equality legislation.

On June 9 the USCCB and NAE have said they will place a full page ad in various Newspapers to announce that they will be lobbying in D.C. for comprehensive immigration reform. They plan to emphasize their objection to the LGBT immigration equality language that is currently present in the recently introduced 'framework for immigration reform'.

October of 2009, the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees, and Border Security held a hearing on Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Theodore Cardinal McCarrick Archbishop Emeritus of Washington, D.C. provided testimony:
“Comprehensive immigration reform: Faith-Based Perspectives October 8, 2009.” where he stated in overt exclusion and direct opposition to S. 424, the Uniting American Families Act.

“Mr. Chairman, we are opposed to the inclusion of S. 424, the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA), in comprehensive immigration reform legislation. The legislation would permit same-sex partners to enjoy the same immigration benefits as married couples in our immigration system. While our tradition and teaching values all persons as children of God, we believe that the enactment of UAFA would erode the institution of marriage and family by according marriage-like immigration benefits to same sex relationships, a position that is contrary to the very nature of marriage, which pre-dates the Church and the state. We also believe its inclusion into comprehensive immigration reform would add another controversial issue to an already polarized and divisive debate.”

The petition, a letter addressed to officials at USCCB and NAE, was launched today by LGBT and human rights activists, including Todd Fernandez and Melanie Nathan (Private Courts Inc. and and calls for a stop to the general harm caused by advocacy against the LGBT community and a statement by these organizations declaring neutrality when it comes to civil rights and legislation that impacts LGBT equality.

 “From this day forward, we intend to hold the USCCB and the NAE, and their representatives, directly accountable for the harm caused to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people stemming from their political opposition to our legal equality and their painful homophobic advocacy, which lacks even basic respect for our fundamental existence"

"Indeed, our human dignity demands it, as would yours should you find your religion and right to exist similarly undermined and persecuted."

"As an indication of your good faith, we ask that the USCCB and the NAE issue a statement of political neutrality on all matters of LGBT human rights and equality under the law.”


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