Wednesday, 16 June 2010

LGBT Asylum News: our news, a fresh appeal and future plans

By Paul Canning

LGBT Asylum News will be 'going slow' for a few weeks.

Posting will be less frequent and less comprehensive though we hope to bring you the first statement from
Kiana Firouz, news from Austria on the fate of deported gay Nigerian footballer Cletus, what's happening on LGBT asylum at London Pride and a very exciting development on how change is to be secured from the new British government - signs so far are best described as 'mixed' - as well as guest posts

We are currently talking to a funder on expanding the work and branching out in a new, exciting direction  to provide more help for the international LGBT advocate network - and we will be asking for your thoughts about our plans. We hope to announce this big development at a conference in early July. But whilst this is happening we have much less resources to devote to the website and, unfortunately, this means money.  

We recently issued an appeal and thank those who supported us, unfortunately it wasn't enough to stop us slowing down for a while.

If you'd like to help that will be gratefully appreciated and reflected back in the ongoing service we hope we're providing! As well as this website we do also work 'behind the scenes' on projects we can't necessarily talk about as well as helping individuals

Contact us at gayasylumuk AT if you need more information or have any questions.


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