Saturday, 29 May 2010

UK consultation on NHS access for foreign nationals

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Source: Entitlement Working Group

The UK government is looking at the way it charges foreign nationals for healthcare. It has launched a public consultation. This site is created as a resource for those who want to take part.

As a result of what you say, the Government may change the current system. If you have had difficulty receiving free healthcare, it is important that you take part.

Here are some of the questions you will be asked:
  • Should the current system stay the same, should it change?
  • Should people who have been refused asylum but who cannot return home have free hospital care?
  • Should children who are here without their families have free healthcare?
  • Should pregnant women have to pay for maternity care?
On this website, you can:
  • Watch a video about the consultation
  • Download the consultation document
  • Read briefings from key organisations
  • Get your community involved
  • Explore areas of concern
  • Comment
Make yourself heard on this issue. Start by watching the film Respond. Then take a look at the areas of concern.
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