Thursday, 13 May 2010

Homosexuals invade Nigeria

NB: this clip is posted as an example of the sort of witch hunting of LGBT being engaged in by African media

Source: Daily Sun

By Jossy Idam

Aware of the stiff penalty of the law, religious stance and societal revulsion to sex with members of the same gender, gays outside Nigeria have launched a website to recruit young Nigerians.

On the website, www.manjam, self-confessed homosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals post their photographs, profile, interest, social habit and sexual preference.

The website is restricted to members only. To penetrate the group and investigate their sordid, hush-hush activities, our reporter registered online, and for two weeks played along with the depraved group. Within the period, 1,847 gays in Nigeria lusted to hook up with him. In Africa alone, he got 13,836 men longing to lay their hands on him.

Their membership cut across the cities and towns in the country. They use real or pseudo names to socially network, meet and consummate their relationships.

Gays gallery

Wendyfox is 24 and busty. She lives alone in Lekki, Lagos.

“I live for a moment like this. I am a girl with great touch. A lesbian of many colours…”, she revealed.
She is actually bisexual - attracted to both women and men. She clearly disclosed her interest in both sexes in her profile.

Another teaser: Biglongdick (this can’t be a real name) claims to be a fresh male graduate searching for job and living with his sister in Fadeyi, Lagos.

Like Wendyfox, Hotseed is 24. She lives on Victoria Island, Lagos. As she states in her profile, “I’m a girl, a lesbian…Exceed expectations whenever possible.”

Her interest gives her out as bisexual. “My type of men are sinful beauties, hot big guys with regular trimming end…Girls, ouch, I love them hot, fragile with immense character.”

This one goes by the name Olumide Mark. He is only 19 and lives in Enugu. He says he wants “athletic bottom only and friendship, sex and a whole lot more.”

Jerryman, 23, lives in Kaduna and travels to Anambra, Umuahia, Owerri and Abuja. He claims to be bisexual and likes oral sex.

This one only posted his hotline: 070…and no photograph. He lives in Port Harcourt. In his profile, he says: “I need a mature guy.”

Another gay, Yetty, is like him. This 24-year-old man stated that he “wants very caring sex mate.”

Looking calm, relaxed and serious in the photograph he posted, Amanzux claims to be a Christian. He lives in Abuja and likes anal sex. The man also wants to have children but declined to say who will make the baby for him.

Princewill4life is 27 and lives in Oyo, Oyo State. He is listed as longing to only socially network with other gays. His photograph is neatly displayed.

This 25-year-old gay who lives in Calabar, Cross River State didn’t post his name or photograph. He slammed his hotline instead: 080…When our reporter called the number, he promptly reeled out his interest in a voice quivering with desire: “I’m into anal sex, kissing, massage, masturbation, one-on-one, oral sex, porn, public sex, role playing, underwear and videos.”

Hotass4blow, a gay in his early 20s who lives in Benin City, simply stated in his profile: “I’m just everything you see in my pic (photograph posted), down to earth. That’s me. Loves attention. I love people very real as I am.”

He further revealed he wants to be Nigeria’s ambassador to any country someday. In one of his photos, he posed almost nude.

Mystyle (certainly not his real name) is a 25-year-old white man living in Benin City. He posted his photographs and revealed that he is into: “Vanilla-anal sex, body contact, bondage/discipline, exhibitionism, fisting, kissing, masturbation, massage and so on.”

Sexyhonney, 21, is a gay male. He simply says he lives in Delta and travels to major cities in the country. He wants: “chat, friendship, relationship and 1-on-1 action.”

Derbydoll is 23 and bisexual. She lives in Lagos. She stated: “Wooow, I kissed a girl and it was my boyfriend’s idea. Now I am hooked on the crucial aspects of my sexual history.

“I’m a lesbian, a bisexual and so be it. I love men and women at the same time. I am a very beautiful girl with a classical lifestyle…”

Listed only as Cjbrown, this 22-year-old gay lives in Owerri and frequents Enugu, Umuahia and Okigwe. He boldly posted his photograph and phone number: 070…He says he wants “Loving, caring and affectionate affair.”

Sex for money

Just like whores prowling the streets, a bunch of them contacted on phone and online clearly demanded for money. Musa, who lives in Zaria, demanded for air fare and N50,000 down payment before coming to Lagos “for a weekend fling.”

Elvis, a Festac Town, Lagos resident, demanded N10,000 “for a night of wild entertainment.” He also said he wants “friendship and a regular maintenance,” which to him is money for GSM recharge card, clothes, toiletries, beer and cigarette.

Gay pastor

A gay pastor, simply called Macaulay, Sunday Sun learnt, is also recruiting gays, lesbians and bisexuals online. Last year, the same pastor tried to organize a gay rally and church service at Ojodu, Lagos, but failed. He literally ran underground when journalists and security men staked the venue of the event, Rainbow Church Inc, Ojodu, Lagos.

International angle

The gay website recruiting members in Nigeria also pair the new recruits with foreign partners. Once your sexual preference and social habits like drinks, drugs, age, music, status are posted online, those with the same weird taste get in touch and arrange a tryst. Sunday Sun learnt that a lot of rich, powerful but depraved people are the ones the new Nigerian members hanker after.

The website act as a matchmaker and provide a vast supermarket for all types of sexual and social preference.


The penal codes of the north and southern parts of the country frown heavily on this depraved, unnatural liaison. A lawyer in Lagos, Godwin Ewa of Adekunle and Associates, told Sunday Sun that the Penal Code of the North stipulates 10 years imprisonment without option of fine for an offender while that of the states in the south punishes offenders with two years imprisonment with caning.

“In the country’s Criminal Code, section 216 to 227, the courts have all the powers to prosecute offenders. But the problem rests with the police who are supposed to arrest offenders and give evidence in court,” he said.

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