Thursday, 20 May 2010

Australian gays set up refugee support fund

refugee island closeupImage by jcmurty via Flickr
Source: Sydney Star Observer

Community Action Against Homophobia is to set up a fund for gay and lesbian refugee applicants.

The activist organisation is appealing to the local community to show its support for the rising number of men and women seeking asylum in Australia on the grounds of sexuality or gender identity. Particular focus will be on those refugees who are currently being held in detention.

“Money raised will go towards posters and stickers for a broad support campaign we want to put together,” CAAH campaigner Rachel Evans said. “Also phone cards for queer refugees, so they can text and maintain contact with friends and other people outside.”

People interested in making contact with gay and lesbian refugees have been invited to Villawood with CAAH representatives on May 23.

Those interested in visiting Villawood must make prior contact to organise security clearances — this can be done through CAAH.

info: For more information visit or email
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