Wednesday, 10 March 2010

An Iranian asylum seeker in Brussels

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By K

I come from Iran. I was born in 1979. I lived in Iran until 2006. I arrived in Belgium in 2007.

I am gay and during 2 years I had experienced very big problems in jail in Iran, my country.

In jail in Iran I was beaten several times by men from the secret police, struck with a knife in my knee and my lower belly at the right side, struck with wrists twice in my nose.

They beat me up for a full day sometimes, sometimes longer. During two years they had called my family or sometimes they called me out of home to arrest me. Then it was questioning, beating up, sleep shortage and food cuts during three days.

In the last month of 2003 (I can't say when exactly since the Persian calender differs) I was arrested in the street by a car. Three policemen in plain clothes called me in. We drove to the jail. After two or three hours of beating up they gave me Ampod injections and a little morphin. I fell asleep. Two hours later I woke up and stood up. I could notice I had blood and sperm in my backside and down my thighs. I was told to leave the jail after I was forced to wash me in the toilets.

During two years and a half, up to 2006, I had had sex in the jail in Iran thirty to maybe forty times. I have never told anyone about this problem because I was afraid for my little brother and my family.

Thank you very much.
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