Saturday, 6 March 2010

Fear of backlash in Fiji over new gay rights

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Source: Radio New Zealand International

The Women’s Action for Change group in Fiji has expressed concern over a possible violent public backlash against a new decree recognising gay rights.

Its spokesperson, Peni Moore, says the new decree acknowledges that consensual sex between people of the same gender is now legal.

She says it is a huge step forward for Fiji, but she says there’s now concern that gay people will be targeted for abuse.
“If there’s a lot of pressure by the church, and condemning, it will mean that gay people will still have to be very very careful [and] will in fact emotionally suffer more abuse if its too publicly discussed. In the past when anything to do with gay rights has been brought up members of the community have faced continuous verbal and physical abuse.”

Peni Moore says she hopes the interim government won’t bow to any pressure to change the measure again.

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