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New report: Urgency Required: Gay and Lesbian Rights are Human Rights

Source: Hivos


Introduction - Ireen Dubel and André Hielkema
Foreword - Chris Carter

Part 1 The Netherlands then and now

Urgency and Strategy: Homosexual Men and Women in the First Half of theTwentieth Century - Bert Boelaars
Act Naturally - That’s Crazy Enough - Judith Schuyf
Homosexuality as Touchstone. Islam, Christianity and Humanism Compared - Rob Tielman
‘For Me Both Sides are a Struggle’. Living a Double Life - Linda Terpstra andMariette Hermans

Part 2 Concepts

Of all Times, in all Cultures: Robert Aldrich’s Gay Life and Culture: A World History - Leontine Bijleveld
Homophobia - Leontine Bijleveld
Lesbian Identity and Sexual Rights in the South: an Exploration - SaskiaWieringa
The Emancipation of Transgenders - Thomas Wormgoor
Queering Politics, Desexualizing the Mind - Robert J. Davidson
The World Minimized, The Homosexual Maximised? - Gert Hekma

Part 3 Africa

Behind the Mask - Bart Luirink
Simon Tseko Nkoli - Ireen Dubel
Queer Jihad. A View from South Africa - Scott Kugle
Self-portrait - Chan Mubanga
How to be a ‘Real’ Gay - Gert Hekma
Tommy Boys, Lesbian Men and Ancestral Wives. Female Same-Sex Practicesin Africa - Gertrude Fester
Black Bull, Ancestors and Me. My Life as a Lesbian Sangoma - Boshadi Semenya
Self-portrait - Victor Juliet Mukasa
Homosexuality in Cameroon. Identity and Persecution - Peter Geschiere
Urgent Goals of LGBTI Liberation - David Kuria

Part 4 Asia

Challenging the Anti Sodomy Law in India: Story of a Continuing Struggle - Arvind Narrain
Self-portrait. Being Queer in India - Pramada Menon
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 8 April 2008. Police Raid of Hivos Partner Labrys - Ireen Dubel
Following the Rainbow. MSM, HIV and Social Justice in South Asia - Shivananda Khan
Self-portrait. Struggling for Equality and Fairness for LGBTIQ People in Indonesia - Dédé Oetomo
Saying the ‘L’ Word - Maggie Tiojakin
The Struggle of the Tongzhi. Homosexuality in China and the Position of Chinese‘Comrades’ - Ties van de Werff
The Voice of a Lesbian from Hong Kong - Franco Yuen Ki LAI
Saving Gays from Iran: The IRanian Queer Railroad (IRQR) - André Hielkema
What is it to be a Palestinian Lesbian? - Rauda Morcos

Part 5 Latin America

Recovering the Lost Memories of Bravery: Latin American Non-Normative
Sexualities in the 21st Century - Alejandra Sardá-Chandiramani
‘A Common Agenda Requires an Authentic and Open Mind’ - Monique Doppert
Gender Identity and Extreme Poverty - Marcelo Ernesto Ferreyra
Self-portrait - Hazel Fonseca Navarro
Self-portrait - Jorge Bracamonte Allaín
Non-Heterosexual Parenthood in Latin America - Juan Marco Vaggione

Part 6 Strategies

Hivos and Gay Liberation. How Does It Work? - Monique Doppert
International Challenges for Education Regarding Sexual Diversity - Peter Dankmeijer
The Montreal Declaration of Human LGBT Rights - Joke Swiebel
The Yogyakarta Principles - Boris Dittrich
LGBT Rights in the Workplace:  The UK Experience - Peter Purton
United by Love, Exiled by Law. Immigration and Same Sex Couples - Martha McDevitt-Pugh
‘The Greenwood’ in Maurice and Brokeback Mountain. The Sorrowful Farewell of a Hope-giving Metaphor - André Hielkema
EU Support for LGBT People in Neighbouring Countries: Is It (good) Enough? - Maxim Anmeghichean and Aija Salo
The Tyranny of the Majority. Gays in Poland - Wendelmoet Boersema
Self-portrait - Radenka Grubacic
‘Equality is a Moral Imperative’. LGBT Equality under Obama - Martha McDevitt-Pugh

Urgency Required: Gay and Lesbian Rights are Human Rights


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