Thursday, 4 February 2010

New book for LGBT Christians will benefit asylum seekers

By Paul Canning

A new book described as a "survival guide" for LGBT Christians will also benefit LGBT asylum seekers

'Living It Out' features contributions from LGBT Christians, their families, friends and allies. Their stories show, the authors say, that "we are living proof that it is possible to be a Christian and engage with LGB issues without falling apart."

Authors Sarah Hagger-Holt and Rachel Hagger-Holt say that they wanted all the profits from the book to go to a good cause. They chose the UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group because "LGB asylum seekers are amongst the most vunerable and marginalised groups in society, and the UKLGIG works with anyone who has fled their country because of their sexual orientation."

The book is accompanied by a website which has Frequently Asked Questions and links to other resources.


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