Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Canadian entrepeneurs raise funds for Iraqi LGBT

By Paul Canning

A group of entrepreneurs based in Quebec called AllKindsofLove.Net have started a project aimed at raising funds for Iraqi LGBT.

The group says they are "deeply troubled to see love punished in Iraq with unremitting death, terror and grief."

They aim to raise funds for the group IRAQI LGBT , which runs both safe houses in Iraq and supports LGBT in neighbouring countries. They describe Iraqi LGBT as "severely underfunded" and say that the safe houses are "full to overflowing. Therefore, we forward all of our proceeds to its organizers. Buy from us, talk about us, and support the cause."

The group's products are available at

As well, they are encouraging direct donations to Iraqi LGBT's PayPal Account using the address or by making a check payable to IRAQI LGBT and sending it to:

22 Notting Hill Gate
Unit 111London, UK
W11 3JE

And they have created a Facebook badge as well as a petition.

They say:
In stark contrast to the darkness surrounding LGBT people in Iraq today, we have chosen to make our site and products bright and colorful, about love and pleasure. We have done this for three reasons:
  • First to reflect the love and pleasure that has been and remains central to LGBT lives, relationships and communities, indeed often providing strength in the midst of intolerance, hatred and yes, violence. In the face of what has become a massacre in the proper sense of the word, it is our fervent hope that some love and pleasure manages to light the way for LGBT people in Iraq.
  • Secondly, our colors and styling imagine an ideal; a world in which all kinds of people are free to love one another in all kinds of ways for all kinds of reasons. In such a world, the slaughter taking place in Iraq at this moment would be impossible.
  • Thirdly - and we hope this isn't too frivolous for your liking - because it's pretty, and we think you'll enjoy it.
With time, we will add various products to this site. All Kinds of Love will be their uniting thread. So All Kinds of Love to you and yours!


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