Thursday, 14 January 2010

Take action on UK asylum support rates

Refugee Council Campaign Action

Source: Refugee Council

Last year, we contacted you about cuts to asylum support rates and many of you wrote to the Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, to call for the rates to be higher. The government went ahead with the proposed cuts, but now there is a chance to raise the issue again, as levels of asylum support are about to be set for the next financial year (2010/11).

We need your help to push for asylum seekers to be given enough money to meet their essential living needs.

In a separate process, the UK Border Agency is running a consultation until 4th February 2010 about longer term plans for reforming asylum support. The Refugee Council will be responding to the consultation and calling for an end to destitution and for all asylum seekers to be given cash support until they are either allowed to stay, or leave the country.

Please contact your MP now and ask them to take action on this issue.
1.      Ask your MP to write to the Home Secretary:
  • expressing their concern about the low rates of asylum support and the poverty and destitution experienced by asylum seekers
  • asking that the government commits to setting the 2010/11 asylum support rates at a minimum of 70% of Income Support and at no less than £45 a week for single adults.
2.      Tell your MP about the consultation on changes to asylum support, urge them to respond, and include a link to the Refugee Council summary briefing.

Letters are always more effective than emails. Please personalise the email or letter if you have time, as this will give it greater impact.

If you are in touch with a group or organisation with direct experience of the asylum support system, do respond to the consultation too and make your voice heard in support of asylum seekers.

Thank you

The Refugee Council is the leading independent human rights charity working with refugees in the UK.


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