Sunday, 31 January 2010

Protests over Honduran homophobic violence in Berlin, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington DC


Zweiter Redebeitrag bei der Demo Putsch und Friedrich Naumann Stiftung / FDP

Redebeitrag „Homo- und transphobe Gewalt


Source: Chicago Rose

Queer demonstration for human rights and LGBTI *- in Honduras.
4 pm In front of the Foreign Office, Werderscher 1 then to FDP party headquarters
(following the rally of the Honduras Cordination at 3pm)

Kidnapping, arrest and the murder of human rights activists increased since the military coup in Honduras.  Among them was Walter Tróchez, who was shot from a vehicle and later died in the hospital on December 13 2009. Tróchez was a victim of harassment and death threats prior to his murder.  One such case occurred on July 20th 2009, which he was beaten up by police while in custody, and insulted about his sexual orientation after he attended a human rights rally against the military coup.  Tróchez lead the fight for legal protection for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans and intersex as well dedicated himself for education about HIV and AIDS.

He took a stand against the killing of many transgender people and gay men since the military coup.  Although the situation for LGBTI in Honduras was dire, it became life-threatening after the coup.  Everyday life became brutal through increased military presence and increased power for right-wing political groups and religious fundamentalist.  The crimes committed since the military coup, some sanctioned by national institutions through the police and military will go unpenalized and receive amnesty.  The perpetrator will go free.

The de facto government will go into office on January 27th with their “President” Porfirio Lobo.  We fear the recognition of Lobos by the German federal government.  We carry the torch of Walter Tróchez and hope that our actions will help our LGBTI friends in Honduras.


San Francisco

Source: Petrelis Files

Today was inauguration day in Honduras, and Porfirio Lobo was sworn in as the country's new President. To mark the occasion, gay and democracy advocates took to the street in solidarity with Hondurans. For two-hours this morning, 14 activists staged two vigils at the Honduran consulate in San Francisco's historic Flood Building on Market Street.

The first vigil took place first, when five gay and HIV/AIDS activists went to the consulate's office, only to find it closed for the special day. We spent half an hour in the hallway, talking with people from other offices on the 8th floor. We snapped a few pics and thought to leave a message for the workers, when they return tomorrow.

Our signs with Walter Trochez's visage were taped to the consulate's door, and a few were slipped under it. A small way to express our concern for the gay citizens of Honduras, especially those who've been murdered, and for the full protections of human rights protocols for all Hondurans.

The remainder of the morning was spent engaged in a vigil and flyer-distribution in front of the office building housing the consulate. Members of the Bay Area Latin American Solidarity Coalition, BALASC, including several seniors born in Honduras whose families have suffered harms by rightwing forces over the years. Click here to learn more about the orgs that comprise BALASC, and its multi-faceted political agenda.

This Saturday, January 30, starting at 4 pm, BALASC is holding a town hall meeting with Jose Luis Baquedano, an Honduran labor and political leader active in anti-coup efforts. That meeting is at the Center for Political Education, located at 522 Valencia Street, between 16th and 17th Streets. Stop by to learn more about pro-gay and pro-democracy forces in Honduras.

And big thanks to all the wonderful folks who came out today, on just two-days' notice, to stand in solidarity with gay people in Honduras, and that nation's democracy.


Washington DC

Source: Quortha

The first set of shots, courtesy of Lou Ann Prosack, were taken early on in the afternoon protest. More from the 8-9am protest soon to come. Also, there are tons more pics from the incredible Berlin rally. If I have time to process them all soon I will. I really need to set up a photosharing account...

These photos courtesy of Elijah Edelman (thanks to Elijah & the DCTC for their awesome organizing)


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