Sunday, 17 January 2010

New appeal for Iraqi LGBT

Source: Iraqi LGBT

Iraqi LGBT has started new projects for housing, asylum for the group work in Iraq, Syria and Europe.

As of today, we have only two safe houses open and running funded by HIVOS a Dutch based human rights organization.

The members of our group inside Iraq urgently need funds to open at least two more safe houses. These funds will allow us to keep the two safe houses open and running, and provide safety, shelter, food and many other needs for our LGBT friends inside Iraq. Any funds we receive that go beyond what we need for these two safe houses could be used to open more safe houses in the near future. We desperately need to add more because we have so many urgent cases in other cities in the south of Iraq. We receive requests for shelter every day, but we are not able to help yet as the situation getting very dangerous for them.

Other projects for Iraqi Lgbt is to help and support Lgbt people removed and relocated in neighbouring countries Syria and Lebanon.

These people have been registered with the UNHCR to for a resettlement programme to a third western country.

Third and new project is to establish a network of Iraqi Lgbt people in Europe in the Netherlands, France and Sweden.

The programme includes support for all asylum seekers to help provide information and guidance on asylum in the country they are seeking refuge in.

The Safe Houses in Iraq

The safe house harbours 10 to 12 people, so is very overcrowded. The residents are struggling badly because of the shortages of almost all the basic necessities in Iraq.

Rent: We have paid three months rent in advance. The most recent payments were in August. The average rent per safe house per month is $ 800 US Dollar.

Security: We paid the salaries of two guards per house, at $ 200 US Dollar per guard per month.

Other expenses of each house: We have paid $ 600 a month for each house approximately for natural gas and kerosene for cooking, and for food, fuel for generators which provide the electricity supply.

Urgent priority needs: Our priorities at this stage are: natural gas or kerosene for cooking and heating; fuel for generating electricity; food; mobile phones and calling cards; money for transportation to allow residents some freedom of movement; beds, mattresses, blankets, sheets and pillows; cameras; printers; two computers; house supplies, such as cooking pans, dishes, and flatware; some furniture; clean water for drinking and bathing; soap for washing and bathing, tooth paste, razors and of course housing, guards etc.

Amount needed and how it would be spent (per month):

Natural gas or kerosene for cooking and heating - 50 GBP

Fuel for generating electricity – $ 300

Food - $ 600

Mobile phones, calling cards, and internet café charges - $ 450 etc.

Transportation – $ 250

Clean water for drinking and bathing; $ 250

Toiletries (soap for washing and bathing, tooth paste, razors etc.) – $ 150

We also need to pay for medicines for the members of our group, doctors will come and have a home visit monthly for all members their cost is $ 400 US Dollar each month.

To send help and donation
People can send donation throughout Paypal by paying to our paypal account email:

You can also send a Cheques payable to (IRAQI LGBT) and send it to:
Iraqi Lgbt
22 Notting Hill Gate
Unit 111
W11 3JE London


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