Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Iran: The Court of Appeal had overturned the death sentence of Nemat Safavi: case takes a new turn

Source: Nemat Safavi blog
[Google translation]

In the afternoon Sunday, November 22 and in the absence of confirmation, and with all reservations, we have learned that the Court of Appeal where he had forwarded the dossier of Nemat Safavi had revoked the death sentence of Nemat Safavi. Remember that today has been working day in Iran.

The original is as follows: "Court of Appeals has overturned the death sentence of Nemat Safavi in Ardebil.

The information comes from sources in Tehran calling persianbanoo. A pseudonym behind which hides an opposition journalist network using Twitter to deliver news of Iran abroad. According to LGBT activists in Britain to whom we have consulted this afternoon, the source credibility they deserve to be on your list of contacts of origin.

At the moment we have asked both networks confirmation Iranians in exile, Iranian LGBT activists, the very Spanish embassy in Iran, and Correspondent of EFE in this country and we are expecting that any of them give us an answer. Also expect further confirmation of the news as it maintains the reservation, although it is clear that much more information Nemat the hitherto b Araja.

Apparently, according to Human Rights Activists and other Persian opposition website (same information is repeated here), both are news today, a record of 4 March 2009 (14 Esfand 87), provided that the Ardebil Appeal Court should review the case of Nemat Safavi (having been rejected the case in the Supreme Court). Here is a fitting English translation where it talks about other cases, some already mentioned in this blog.

This seems to confirm the possibility that the hearing is concluded or perhaps longer, according to information provided by the tweet of Persianbanoo, was concluded today.

We believe that the Court of Appeal has ruled this does not mean that the process is exhausted and maybe even the Supreme Court must resolve. It could also be, as in the infamous case of Makwan Moloudzadeh, some sort of appeal court's own Ardabil or a senior committee of ayatollahs themselves to print a new twist to the matter and reactivate the death sentence. Finally, we should not forget that Nemat still in prison and that their ultimate fate depends on many factors. In Iran everything is possible.

As you can see all caution is low, however, the Nemat case today comes from a new direction. It is not so much whether there is or not, where is and how, but knowing what the situation is appropriate, therefore not dependent on the Supreme Court but the Court of Ardabil and act urgently to their release.


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