Sunday, 23 August 2009

The right to be gay and Muslim

Source: Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Gay in Egypt
Homosexuality is not specifically prohibited in Egypt, but gays are regularly arrested and charged with “debauchery”. One of the most infamous cases occurred in 2001 when 52 men were arrested during a police raid on a floating night club, the Queen Boat.
We speak to one of the men, Mazen who was jailed for a year and sought asylum in France.


Gay life in Istanbul
Homosexuality is not illegal in Turkey but gays and lesbians are regularly harassed by the police and the general public. Homosexuals, bisexuals and transgender people have been fighting for over a decade to create space for themselves.
We talk to Emre-Can, a young man living in Istanbul, about gay life in Turkey.


The gay Imam
Most Muslim clerics condemn homosexuality outright, citing several verses from the holy Koran. But there are Imams who are actually gay themselves. Eric Beauchemin speaks to Imam Muhsin Hendricks from South Africa who explains how he reconciles his faith with his homosexuality.



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