Wednesday, 5 August 2009

John Bosco Nyombi granted 5-year residency

Source: Pink Paper

A Ugandan gay man who has been fighting to stay in the UK to escape persecution, assault and possible death in his homeland has finally been granted refugee status, allowing him to stay in the UK for five years.

As we have been reporting on, John Bosco Nyombi has seen his claim for asylum fought repeatedly by the Home Office over the last few years, including a being illegally deported back to Uganda, where he was beaten and ended up living in hiding.

A UK high court judge then ruled that as the Home Office had acted improperly, Nyombi should be brought back and his case re-heard. Despite the Home Office again opposing his claim, John has finally been given permission to stay in the UK. He has returned to his home in Portsmouth where he previously worked as a care home assistant.

John told this week that this final ruling is a huge relief: “It’s really, really good news. I feel so relieved and happy now. I just feel like it’s another world after what I’ve been through over the past 8 years where I was scared what would happen the following day. At least I can relax for 5 years.

“I’m hoping to be working again from the beginning of next month; I just want to settle down a bit then get back to work.

“I want to say thank you very much for everything to all the people who have supported me. I’m lost for words; I just want to ask people not to judge other people, but to treat them as a human being, not according to their sexuality, colour or race. Thank you to everyone two treated me as a human being.”


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