Tuesday, 7 April 2009

What if: Kenya Decriminalised Homosexuality?


Tamaku (Diary of a Gay Kenyan) is running a poll on his blog with the question: Should Kenya decriminalise homosexuality?

Gay Uganda (GUG) is painstakingly documenting the fight by religious extremists and some government officials in Uganda to eliminate the 'terrible un-African' value of homosexuality. (Conveniently forgetting that one of their traditional Kings -Kabaka -was gay). But pay no mind to petty and accurate things like history.

In the spirit of these efforts, I took it upon myself to 'research' into the effects of decriminalising homosexuality in Kenya. Would Kenya descend into ethnically-fuelled violence? Would there be a widespread ( man-made) famine and massive loss of jobs? Would Kenya beat Nigeria in the world cup qualifiers? Would Kalembe finally, finally become President of Kenya?

Although I am gay, I remained impartial through the whole process of collecting data.

I present you my 'findings' (LOL):

What would happen if Kenya Decriminalises Homosexuality?



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