Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Lesbian Mom Shirley Tan is All Out of Options, Faces Deportation

A lesbian mom facing deportation has received good news and bad news.

Shirley Tan has been facing deportation from the United States to the Philippines was initially ordered to be deported on April 3rd.

Shirley fled to the U.S. from the Philippines in fear for her life after a family member attempted to murder her, and murdered other members of her family, because of a dispute over her grandfathers estate. Shirley took the proper steps to gain political asylum when she came to this country, and since she had not been notified that she should do otherwise, she built a life for herself in this country.

Twenty three years later, Shirley Tan is living with her domestic partner Jaylynn “Jay” Mercado and their two twin boys; plus a looming deportation case - effectively bringing the fight for rights of bi national LGBT couples to the forefront. The family has been coping as best as they can, with Tan wearing an ankle bracelet to monitor her while awaiting deportation. After U.S Representative Jackie Speier intervened on her behalf, Tan’s deportation had been delayed until April 22.

Most recently, on April 10th, Shirley received notice from the BIA that a deportation order was re-issued giving her 30 days to voluntarily leave the USA.

The good news here is the admittance that the prior order was not properly served, thereby endorsing Shirley’s claim that she knew nothing about it. This wipes the slate clean for her so to speak, showing she was never out of compliance as she was characterized by her detention.

The bad news is that she is out of options.

Her application to BIA has been turned down and she is ordered to leave.

There is no legal procedure to assist her in remaining in the US with her wife and American children - she needs a miracle.

If you support Shirley and her family, please feel free to e-mail Melanie Nathan at nathan@privatecourts.com to express your support. Cards can be sent to Tan-Mercado c/o Melanie Nathan, Private Courts, 1100 Larkspur Landing Circle, Ste 112, Larkspur, CA 94939.



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