Monday, 27 April 2009

IRanian Queer Railroad Refugee Sponsorship Plan

What is RSP?
RSP is an IRQR initiative that aims to provide aid and care for the most vulnerable and at risk Iranian queer asylum seekers, who have fled Iran to save themselves from torture, arrest, prosecution and death. It aims to create a community of friends and supporters who would be willing to sponsor Iranian queer asylum seekers during part or all of their stay in transit countries before they are assigned to and settled in safe countries.

What are the conditions of Iranian queer asylum seekers?
Most of Iranian queer asylum seekers have no source of income, no parental support, no work rights and no access to health resources and medication. They often live in crowded houses in traditional satellite cities in countries such as Turkey, Malaysia and European countries. Their houses often have no heat and sanitary facilities. Many of them are young educated individuals who have fled Iran due to a well-founded fear of threatened or ongoing violence or persecution on grounds of sexual orientation. They are often traumatized, tired, and destitute and in need of support, be it food, medical care, counseling or accessing the right legal advice.

How can you help Iranian queer asylum seekers?
With $50 a month, you can sponsor an Iranian queer asylum seeker and ensure his/her access to basic food and accommodation.

After completing your sponsorship, you will immediately receive more information about your sponsored friend. We will also mail you more about his or her life, including information about his or her status and ways you can communicate with him or her via phone or e-mail.

Just send an email to or call us at 001-416-548-4171 and we will give you more information that how you can become one of RSP members. Become Member of IRanian Queer Railroad Refugee Sponsorship Plan - RSP

Please visit our website to find more information about this humanitarian plan


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