Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Zambian government 'warns homosexuals'

Vice-President George Kunda has warned citizens against practising homosexuality saying the act is unChristian and culprits are liable before the law.

Mr Kunda said the Government was aware that there were some prominent people in society who were practising homosexuality but further urged the public with information of some actors of the vice to report them to the relevant wings.

He said this in Parliament yesterday during the vice-president's question time when he responded to a question from Chadiza Member of Parliament, Allan Mbewe (MMD). Mr Mbewe had asked whether it was appropriate for people in a Christian nation to be practising homosexuality.

Mr Kunda said in 2005, Parliament passed legislation to deal with homosexuality and that the minimum sentence for a person found guilty was 15 years.

"There are people in society who are involved in these acts and some could be lawyers, engineers, journalists and if you have information of others please let us know," Mr Kunda said.

The vice-president said some people were bi-sexual, a scenario he said was well known to the Government.

"At the end of the day we know them, homosexuality is a bad thing and we should all come together and fight homosexuality," Mr Kunda said.



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