Tuesday, 16 September 2008

LibDems support LGBT asylum overall

Simon Hughes MP speaking during the debate

The LiberalDemocrats have passed a motion at their annual conference calling on the government to "halt the deportation of people to countries where their sexual orientation or gender identification may mean that they are threatened with the risk of imprisonment, torture, or even execution."

Full text of the resolution

A series of speeches highlighted both the general principle and shocking individual cases, with speakers ranging from ordinary members to Party President Simon Hughes MP and Lord Roger Roberts.

Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesman Chris Huhne said after the vote, "It is totally unacceptable for Britain to be deporting people to countries where they will face persecution, torture or death merely because of their sexual orientation. This country has a proud tradition of providing sanctuary to those fleeing tyranny and oppression.

"It is about time that practice was extended to gay and lesbian people escaping deeply unpleasant homophobic regimes."


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