Saturday, 12 July 2008

Rally for Zimbabwean exiles

This is the story from Channel Four News of yesterday's protests about Zimbabwean asylum seekers being allowed to work. See Zimbabwean exiles abandoned, left destitute for more about their situation.

Their situation is also that of many non-Zimbabwean LGBT refugees.

Addressing a special church service at St Margaret's Westminster before the march the Archbishop of York John Sentamu said:

"This is not a party political venture."

"It is not pro‐MDC or anti‐Zanu PF. Rather it is for the people of Zimbabwe, black and white, being helped by those here in Britain, white and black. We need to remember there is only one race, the human race, and in joining together to restore Zimbabwe, we ease the sufferings of our brothers and sisters."

Thousands of asylum seekers in the UK are being forced into destitution. They are not allowed to work. But this isn’t working. Refused asylum seekers are being left homeless, hungry and without hope by our government, but they aren’t going back.

The Just.Fair Campaign aims to end destitution for asylum seekers.


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