Saturday, 5 July 2008

Babi-asylum campaign update

Gay Azeri artist's asylum campaign update

Babi Badalov has been campaigning to stay in the UK since his claim for asylum was rejected. He has been informed that he is now liable to be detained and has to sign in every week at the Border and Immigration Agency offices in Cardiff. His first signing was last Tuesday (24th June) and supporters from the campaign accompanied Babi to the BIA offices. Concern is high that he may be snatched at one of these signings so everyone was relieved to see him come out of the building, not least Babi himself.

News of the campagin has reached Azerbaijan where Babi was recently in a newspaper article that disputed Babi was an internationally renowned actor. No wonded as Babi has never claimed to be an actor and isn’t suprised that people had never heard of this actor’s name. He is however a contemporary artist that has had his work shown in many galleries throughout Europe and across the world.

This article made the fact he is homosexual known to his whole family. They have telephoned him, screamed at him, threatened him and disowned him. Babi has expressed concern for his family and the shame that this will have brought on them by having a family member that is gay, just proving how unacceptable homosexuality is in Azerbaijan. This article has raised Babi’s profile even further in Azerbaijan, resulting in letters being written to the press in his defence. Not only will this make it even harder for Babi to return if he is deported but it will also mean he has no support and family to return to if he is sent back.

We are pleading to people to continue to support Babi by either signing the online petition, getting your friends to sign it and by writing to Jacqui Smith (model letter here) and expressing your outrage at Babi’s claim being rejected. If you have already written, please write again.


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