Monday, 23 June 2008

LGBT asylum briefs

Leading US Liberal blog, AmericaBlog:
British Home Secretary: Iran safe for gays if they are "discreet"

An unheavenly silence on homophobia

Clerics at the Global Anglican Futures Conference have been slow to condemn violence against gay people. It's incredible, and unchristian

Homosexuality is illegal in Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya and is punishable by a fine, imprisonment or death. Archbishops from these countries were on the panel. They said they could not influence government policy on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) legislation, nor could they condone homosexual behaviour because their churches would be shut down.
Doug Ireland: Crackdown at AIDS Meeting
In the past two and a half years, LGBT Ugandans have been under increasing attack, by both leading government figures and the sensationalist media. A popular daily tabloid newspaper, Red Pepper, led outing campaigns in 2006 and 2007 in which it named more than 100 it said were gay or lesbian, printing descriptions of them, and describing their places of residence and employment. The gay-baiting media campaign forced many LGBT Ugandans out of their homes, [Sexual Minorities Uganda]'s [David] Kato told this reporter: "One guy was told by his landlord to move out because he was a criminal, and many others had to move away from their homes. Some of those who could left the country."
Gay Uganda: I am so Proud of My Boyfriend
"After school I came to Kampala to look for a job, and while I was working and growing up the issue [of being attracted to men] was going on. One time I happened to meet someone in town who was also like me. We talked, we talked; I understood that I was not alone. I knew I was gay, but being gay in Uganda, it is not easy. It has to be quiet - we are hiding."
Michael Petrelis: July 19 SF Vigil: Stop Iran's Gay Hangings, Global LGBT Solidarity
On Saturday, July 19, gays will assemble at Harvey Milk Plaza, located at Market and Castro Streets, from 12 noon till 1 pm, to call attention to the following issues and demands:
1. Remember the hanged gay Iranian teenagers, and all LGBT victims of hatred and bigotry around the world who've suffered violations of their human rights
2. Engage in coordinated global gay solidarity
3. Abolish the death penalty everywhere, and an especially quick end to executions of minors and women
4. Oppose foreign military intervention in Iran, particularly war-mongering by U.S. politicians.
(Iraq) Out of the gathering darkness
Two Iraqi lesbians, Amal and Zahra, were shot dead and decapitated as a result of their courageous concealment of six gay men, and a child that they had rescued from paedophile sex work. Amal and Zahra were only two members of Iraq's underground LGBT network of safe houses, which exists across Iraq, and tries to smuggle out LGBT Iraqis to Syria, Turkey and the European Union. In the latter, they can at least claim sanctuary as asylum seekers from their ordeal.
Scottish refugee film highlight of Edinburgh Festival
One character has been refused asylum so turns to a woman friend for help - although if she does help him her own life will be ruined. It also features an Iranian who poses as a gay man in order to claim refugee status while disguising the fact from his Iranian friends that he really is a homosexual.
Breaking News:Kill All Gays Jammeh Issues New Threats!! Iran Supports Jammeh’s Threats!!
Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh is reported to have ordered his hit squad to kill gays and lesbians found in The Gambia, reveals competent official sources. The Presidential final directive was given last week, as his hit men have intensified night patrols around the Tourism Development Area with sole aim of killing suspected gays in the country. The President says he wants all gays dead in The Gambia. “ The President has given us directive to kill gays in The Gambia. Our men are currently patrolling the Tourism Development Area to search for gays soliciting sex from Gambians. The President has created an anti gay terror squad, whose main responsibility is to apprehend and kill gays in The country. This project is being funded by the Iranian Government. The Iranian Government has welcomed the President’s move to eradicate gay and lesbianism in The Gambia. Following the President’s threats to behead gays, Iran has announced its solidarity with The Gambia. Our men have been issued with a special budget to combat homosexuals in this country.” Said a highly placed source close to the President’s office in Banjul.


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