Saturday, 5 April 2008

Support for Mehdi "forwarded to the case file"

Supporters who have contacted the Home Office report that they are receiving the following email in response.

Thank you, for your email. Your support for Mr Mehdi KAZEMI has been noted and your email will be forwarded to the case file for future reference

Public Correspondence Team

This is the email which one supporter sent to Jacqui Smith and to their MP and to the home office.
Dear Ms Smith,

When Mehdi Kazemi is returned to the UK from the Netherlands, please re-evaluate his case. He is a young, gay Iranian. He knows already that his boyfriend has been put to death for the "crime" of being gay. His boyfriend gave his name to the authorities. I am beyond aghast that we might deport this young man to Iran. The magistrate [here, she is referring to Home Office Minister, Lord West] said that gays are not "systematically" persecuted. Well forgive me for being facile but unsystematically executing people strikes me as sufficiently grim.

Yours in hope,


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