Wednesday, 26 March 2008

News update

Canada's Jawa report carries a report comparing the situations of gay asylum seekers there and in other countries:

Being homosexual is a lot easier than proving your homosexuality in public in a civilized manner. As a result, refugees are often relegated to simply pleading before the board "I'm gay! I'm gay! Can't you see I'm gay?" because no genuine, verifiable proof is available.
Peter Tatchell eviscerates George Galloway's recitation of vicious Iranian anti-gay propaganda in the Guardian and reports that Galloway added to this with the following at an anti-war demonstration in London:
At the antiwar protest in London on March 15, which I supported and attended, Galloway repeated these claims in his keynote speech. He said the "khaki war machine now has its pink contingent". He went on to imply that people who support gay rights in Iran are "useful idiots" and said their aim is to "bamboozle the public to go along with mass murder in Iran".

Says Tatchell:

Misguided, untruthful attacks on Iranian gay people, the queer rights movement and the pink community do not strengthen the antiwar movement and the struggle against US imperialism. On the contrary, they play straight into the hands of the tyrants in Tehran and their mirror opposites in Washington. They betray all Iranians who are yearning and striving for democracy, human rights, social justice and the self-rule of Iran's oppressed minority nations.


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