Friday, 7 March 2008

Mehdi Kazemi in his own words

Last September President Ahmadinejad of Iran told an audience in New York that 'we have no homosexuals in Iran'. This story was republished around the world and there's video below. In the comments section of the New York Sun here's is a response by Mehdi himself:

I do exist as an Iranian homosexual

I have got very surprised, very angry of this article and I do not understand really what is point of President of Iran. If Iran do not have any homosexual then I do not understand who I am then because I am an Iranian Gay and I have so many problem back my country where is Iran because of my sexual orientation

my life is in danger in Iran then what is that?

What is the piont of seeking asylum for Iranian Homosexual? They do not want to leave their country, family, friends,...... . Why is that? They put everything behind theirself to go to another country that they anything about it.

And what is the piont of tourting, killing, .... of Homosexual if there is not?????!!!!

My purpose of this letter is to kind of answering President Ahmadinejad and to say that I do exist as an Iranian homosexual and it does not matter where I am.

Best regards,
seyed Mehdi Kazemi

Ahmadinejad at Colombia University:


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