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From Moscow to Hanover. The story of one of emigration.


Many Russian homosexuals and transsexuals in the face of discrimination, they hope to solve their problems through emigration to Western Europe. However, not all of them are, through what might have them go before to find the desired freedom in the EU.

To the Russian network of LGBT organizations received a letter from Christine - MtF transsexual (as in passport - male), aged 29 - which is currently trying to get asylum in Germany. "Three years ago I left Russia. I want you to tell your story to no one else has experienced something that had to go through me" - says Christina.

We decided to publish (with the consent of the author) this letter as a whole, only providing it with subtitles.

"I had one goal - to ask for asylum in the Netherlands"

In March 2004, I had to leave Russia because of constant harassment. Before his departure could open the only Finnish visa, because it was easier to do. Arriving by bus from Moscow to St. Petersburg, I flew to Helsinki, and then - in Amsterdam. I have one goal - to ask for asylum in Holland. Knowing nothing about Azul (shelter), she went to surrender to police. But there I was told that Azul is closed, so the Ride to the station and leave our country.

The police escorted me to the little station. I had no choice but to go from Amsterdam. I took a train to Belgium (only enough money to get to Brussels). At the heart of the city, I found that very large glass building where the refugees are engaged. Prior to receiving stations each day crowded with a huge backlog. Standing in her shocking people.

Had to spend the night in a shelter for refugees, the conditions there were awful, but still "guests" of the African and Asian countries that have looked at me with wild eyes.

There, I accidentally met with a Syrian, to speak well in Russian. He understood who I am, and took it completely normal. Then he persuaded me to go from Belgium to Germany, saying that here in hellish conditions Azul (I already saw itself).

The next day we went with him to ask for money to churches, gathered a bit, but it was enough to get tickets at bargain to Cologne. There was much calmer than in Brussels. We found a ship that housed refugees, the next morning we were taken to the reception desk. There we passed a fingerprint.

Camp near Oldenburg

Then there was the distribution of refugees in the camps. Syrians sent to a camp near Düsseldorf, and I was in camp near Oldenburg (in 4 km.) The city in the north-west of Germany. Arriving there, I saw the barbed wire, and her many buildings of red brick. It is an eerie place was more like a concentration camp.

A week later, on March 26, I had a long conversation with the officials involved in the refugees. During the three-hour interview I was asked about nearly the same - as I came to Germany. I told everything in detail, much crying.

She told me that Russia is constantly subjected to harassment, ranging from school age, when the teacher sent me to various psychiatric hospitals, and ending bullying in the police. Last year I was afraid to leave the apartment, the upholstery on the door with a knife slashed all the neighbors, and burned a call to lock shoved matches, and when I left the porch, then out of the windows are often flew into my bottle. The police instead of helping, only laughed and mocked them.

I left Moscow disability group III, I was diagnosed with "Post-traumatic encephalopathy." I had a double concussion, broken jaw, and more. All this was recorded on tape.


After the interview the same evening for me was attacked. I lived in a single tiny room. The room burst into an Arab, he beat me and raped her. I screamed at the camp, but no one came to help. Now it's scary to remember. Humiliating it was when, during a medical examination I stripped down to goals in the presence of two police officers and photographed my strong bruises. I even refused to put in the hospital, citing the fact that I live in the camp and I have other rights, even though I was in a state of severe shock and my head was spinning.

In the camp, having learned of the attack, they gave me very good location, about which other refugees living in camps for years, could only dream of.

At this time I began to help the organization "White Ring". All refugees from the former Soviet Union are automatically sent to another camp. They said that that camp with horrible conditions and the same people, but there is no longer possible to leave, if only back home.

I was sent to Hanover, the capital of Lower Saxony. I was in a small hostel, the conditions were decent, and people are different.

I've got a right to receive treatment on an insurance policy in any clinic or hospital. Here, I began receiving social security.

In hiding

After a while, I received an answer from the Federal Office for Refugees, Oldenburg, where it was said that according to the Dublin Convention, I should have been deported to Finland. For me it was a blow.

I said that I should have a trial on my rape. In quick order, I was invited to court, where I was witness to a few days later, on July 26, I was deported to Finland. I never knew what the outcome the court.

The worst thing that had to start all over again. For two days I spent in the Helsinki airport, then I was sent to emigrant camp in Helsinki, then in Kajaani, and again the interview, and again the relocation to another camp, that near the Russian border and within 20 km. from the city Ensuu.

There I spent a month in a depressed state. In this camp were mostly Muslim men, Gypsies, Africans. We had to bathe in a man's soul with common showers. Refugees morally abused me, mentally it was difficult to endure.

To a request for a separate apartment servant I refused, saying that the apartments occupy only married couples, though adding that sexual orientation is not a reason to seek asylum.

A few days later I went totally unjustified refusal without right of appeal to the court. All the Russian police after refusing to take away to the Russian border and pass the Finnish border.

I was forced to flee to Denmark. In Copenhagen, I surrendered to the police. After two days spent in jail, I was sent to a refugee camp "Sandholm", which was financed by the "Red Cross". A month later, police reported that three days later I was sent back to Finland.

After swallowing a few pills prescribed by a doctor as a sedative, I fainted, regained consciousness in hospital. Doctors sent me to a psychiatric hospital. There were good conditions, and could even go out. I was pleased to be among the Danes patients than among the criminal elements in the camp.

A month later I was almost by force - in a bathrobe and slippers - was taken to the camp. That was in December, before Christmas. In the camp I was again told that after two days I was deported to Finland.

After collecting some money, I ran away to Sweden. Surrendered in the city of Malmo. Of Malmo was a transfer for the most north in Swedish Lapland (near the town of Ekmok that near the polar circle). There I lived in a small house in the village. It was very quiet. The first time I saw the northern lights and reindeer.

After three and a half months, I came out of the migration management of paper, where it was said that I should be deported back to Finland ...

"You can live with their inclinations ... a sufficient security"

Almost two days I got to travel to various Hamburg. Surrendered in the same camp in Oldenburg, where there was in March 2005 (year passed). Three days later I was taken to a hostel in Hanover, where I think we have lived. Here I learned that my abuser was sentenced to only twenty-month suspended sentence on the grounds that he, a grown man, was allegedly minors. The fact that almost all refugees shall be without documents.

A month after the May events in Moscow, I wrote a treatment in Bundesamt (Office for Refugees) to show me humanity. A month later, on July 27, I received a refusal, which was written: "transsexuality and homosexuality as a punishment in Russia can not be. The Russian authorities are able and willing to act against such attitudes (against harassment and discrimination). You can live with their inclinations in large cities and the relevant sector is sufficiently safe. "

And what I wrote after the whole of Europe on television saw the gay riots in Moscow-ve on May 27.

In Finland I have not sent, given the right to appeal against the refusal (perhaps in this they showed me humanity?).

August 1, 2006 I filed a protest with the Administrative Court of Hanover, and in December, my lawyer wrote a more detailed justification. Two months ago, in Hanover, I got a separate apartment for health reasons.


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