Monday, 17 October 2011

Belarus bans Pride again, as mysterious homophobic leaflet appears in Minsk

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By Paul Canning

Gay Russia reports that - to no ones surprise - Belarus has banned Gay Pride again.

Organizers are still waiting for an official response from the Minsk city executive committee. However sources tell them that the ban is confirmed.

Last year's "Slavic Pride" in Minsk was also banned by the Belorussian authorities but went ahead anyway and activists managed a very brief unfurling of the rainbow flag - now also banned in Belarus - before they were arrested.

Gay Russia says that it is unclear whether the organizers will try to hold a march without permission. reports that a letter which looks like it comes from the 'Ideological Department of Minsk City Executive Committee' asking 'citizens to be vigilant' during the Gay Pride is actually a fake.

The widely distributed letter, found on many bulletin boards outside blocks of flats, says that officials are asking residents to hide their children because many gay men are alcoholics, drug addicts and pedophiles.

The letter warns residents to "not leave unattended children outside the home in the dark."

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