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Worldwide LGBT asylum and immigration groups

Organization for Refuge, Asylum and Migration
International. ORAM’s mission is to advocate for refugees fleeing sexual or gender based violence.
The Love Exiles Foundation
International: Supports GLBT couples who have chosen or are considering exile in order to be together and works for human rights for same-sex couples and families.

Monitors the implementation of EU law, facilitates exchanges of experience and information between LGBT organisations dealing with asylum issues, mobilises in case of emergencies.

Immigration Equality
USA. Works for equal immigration benefits for LGBT people and provides free legal assistance to the LGBT/HIV+ immigrants, especially asylum seekers.
USA: Volunteer grassroots organization that addresses the discriminatory impact of U.S. immigration laws on LGBT
National Immigrant Justice Center's National Asylum Partnership on Sexual Minorities (NAPSM)
USA: represents individual clients and provide trainings, technical assistance and support materials for attorneys and social service providers.
National Center for Transgender Equality- Immigration
USA - Dedicated to advancing the equality of transgender people through advocacy, collaboration and empowerment.
ALMA LGBT Immigrant
USA - The LGBTQ Immigrant Rights Project is an initiative by the Chicago-based Association of Latino Men for Action (ALMA).

L'ARDHIS (Association de Reconnaissance des Droits des personnes Homosexuelles et transsexuelles à l'Immigration et au Séjour)
France. Pour accueillir et guider les étrangers, toujours plus nombreux, dans leur démarche pour obtenir un titre de séjour ou l'asile.

Germany. Lesbich-schuler internationale Arbeitskreis im Verband binationaler Familien und Partnerschaften, iaf e.V.

Gay + Lesbian Immigration Task Force (GLITF)
Australia. The primary aim of GLITF is to assist the foreign partners of Australian lesbians and gay men to migrate to Australia.

GayMigs - schwule Migranten
Switzerland: GayMigs ist eine Arbeitsgruppe der HAZ und richtet sich an schwule Migranten und ihre Partner und Familien.

Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees (IRQR)
Canada-based: We help Iranian gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered refugees all over the world.
LEGIT: Canadian Immigration for Same-sex Partners
Organization of volunteers helping same-sex couples who wish to live together in Canada.
Rainbow Refugee Committee
Vancouver: Drop-in information and support is provided to refugees and refugee claimants in Canada who are seeking refugee status because of fear of persecution due to sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or HIV positive status.
Iranian Queer Organization
Canada-based: Advocacy is of the utmost urgency in Iran because of the countless cases of LGBT Iranians who are left with no choice but to escape.
AGIR - Action Gay, Lesbienne, Bisexuelle, Trans et Queer pour Immigrants et Réfugiés
Montréal -Une association créée en avril 2008 dont l’adhésion inclut un réseau de refugiés, immigrants, activistes communautaires et fournisseurs de services sociaux et légaux.
Au delà de l´arc-en-ciel (Beyond the rainbow)
Montréal - L’organisme viendra en aide à celles et à ceux qui, nouvellement arrivés, éprouvent des difficultés à vivre leur différence sexuelle dans leur communauté d'origine. Ces personnes pourront trouver auprès d’ADA : accueil, réconfort, soutien et encouragement;
Rainbow Railroad
Toronto - Volunteer group offering practical support to LGBT refugees.

Queer Asylum & Immigration Network
Canada - Network of groups and people working to make immigration, asylum and refugee practices and policies fair for Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Queer people.

Belgian Support Group for International Solidarity with LGBTI persons. Provides asylum seeker support and referral services.

RFSL - Riksförbundet för homosexuellas, bisexuellas och transpersoners rättigheter -(RFSL)
Sweden: Provides advice for people who need assistance in their contact with the authorities and healthcare institutions, or who require legal assistance with, for example, asylum

MiGaY – Verein zur Integration und Förderung von homosexuellen Migrant_innen
Vienna - Media information and networking platform for and by gay immigrants. 
Unterstützung für LGBTQ Flüchtlinge
Vienna - New network forming, contact groups listed here.
Roubani die Organisation Oriental Queer Organization Austria
Vienna - Die Oriental Queer Organization kämpft für die Anerkennung der Rechte von MigrantInnen  aus der LGBT-Community in Österreich. 

Irish Gay Asylum Seekers
Ireland - Small support group based in Dublin.

People Against Suffering Oppression and Poverty (PASSOP)
Cape Town - Advocacy, assists with paralegal advice and empowers this social group by building a support network.

International asylum resources:
Partners Task Force for Gay and Lesbian Couples
Seattle: An International Resource for Same-sex Couples. Partners Task Force supports the diverse community of committed gay and lesbian partners through a variety of media. This Web site contains more than 400 essays, surveys, legal articles and resources on legal marriage, ceremonies, domestic partner benefits, relationship tips, parenting, and immigration. 

Gays Without Borders
Informal network of LGBT grassroots activists

International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission

Human Rights Watch - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Human Rights

Global Voices

Behind the mask - African LGBT news

African Activist - Blogging with Africa's LGBTI Community - International gay rights

The Asylumist is a blog about political asylum in the United States.

Global Detention Project - investigating the role detention plays in states’ responses to global migration

Right to work for asylum seekers and refugees

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