Saturday, 29 October 2011

Bi-national gay couple in Italy face being split up

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An Italian-Uruguayan gay couple married in Spain has denounced the judicial nightmare they're in in Italy.

The couple, whose identity was not revealed, met in Spain, where they married in 2010.

The problems began when the Italian spouse decided to return home due to the economic crisis. His husband applied for a residence permit, but he has been denied and is in danger of being deported.

The couple has filed an appeal to the civil court of Reggio Emilia, which should be decided within a month. According to, that court may decide to pass the case to the constitutional court.

This couple did not ask for their marriage recognized in Italy (as Italian and Spanish couple Ottavio Marzocchi and Joaquin Nogueroles have done). They just want to be allowed to live together.
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