Friday 26 August 2011

Expat Ugandans organise to fight 'Kill gays' bill

By Paul Canning

A group of expat-Ugandans living and working in the United States have launched a new lobbying group against the Anti-Homosexuality (aka 'Kill gays') bill (AHB) called OneFamilyOneVoice (1F1V).

The group, who mostly work for international organisations and, according to blogger and activist Rick Rosendall include Ugandan human rights activists and anti-Museveni ex-pats, say they met originally in a Washington DC coffee bar and discussed the dangers of the AHB. This includes the danger to heterosexuals who refused to oppose LGBT human rights. The bill has a clause which says that:
"Anyone failing to report to the authorities a person they knew to be homosexual would also be prosecuted."
They say:
"This bill forces the entire Ugandan population - regardless of their sexual orientation - to be Gestapo agents snooping on their fellow citizens on behalf of the regime."
The group's aims are to:
  • Expose secret strategies underway to pass the UAHB without the knowledge of the international community.
  • Work in partnership with other groups to not only kill but completely take the bill out of picture and to ensure that such a bill is never considered by any other African country.
  • Start a unified voice with a movement to educate and empower leaders to accept diversity and inclusion.
According to Rosendall:
"The danger the Ugandan activists and insiders face is grave, so names are not being bandied about."
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