Tuesday, 16 November 2010

In Abu Dhabi, a Pakistani gay murderer asks to pay 'blood money'

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Source: The National

By Hassan Hassan, Courts and Justice Reporter

A murdered man's family who asked for his killer to be executed quickly may have to repeat their request after the murderer asked for time to negotiate blood money.

The killer, FS, from Pakistan, is hoping for an agreement that would allow him to avoid execution. If he fails to agree to a deal, the family would have to repeat their request. They had earlier asked for a swift execution to avoid revenge attacks in Pakistan .

FS had his first hearing at the Abu Dhabi Appellate Court yesterday. He pleaded guilty to stabbing to death a 26-year-old Pakistani man who lived in the same labour camp in Abu Dhabi.

Prosecutors said he lured the victim to a deserted area and attempted to have sex with him.

The Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance sentenced FS last month to three years in prison for habitually engaging in homosexual acts with the victim. He was sentenced to death for the murder which took place on October 8 last year.

He pleaded not guilty to having sex with the man and asked the appeal court judge if he could negotiate with the family to pay blood money.

The appeal justices adjourned the hearing until next month to appoint a lawyer for the defendant and to await the outcome of the negotiations.

One of the victim's nephews said that "everyone" in their area wanted the execution to take place as soon as possible to avoid a series of killings between the two families. Both the defendant and the victim are from the same area in Peshawar, Pakistan.

"You know they are very traditional people. It has to finish here and not in Pakistan," the victim's nephew, identifying himself as Ismail, said after the verdict was issued. Both the defendant and the victim worked as lorry drivers. The victim, who had been in the country for five years, had a son in Pakistan.

If the appeal court upholds the sentence, it will also be appealed until the Court of Cassation - the highest local court for the emirate - makes a final decision. FS would have to serve the three years before execution.

FS's lawyer claimed his client went to join a number of friends in the labour camp where they all lived.

The victim asked FS to go outside and walk with him, the lawyer said. The victim then pulled a knife from his trousers when they reached a dark, deserted  area.

"My client did not have any weapons ... and was surprised," the lawyer said.

"He took the knife because he was terrified."

There was DNA evidence that corroborated the sexual acts, the court heard.
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