Tuesday, 18 January 2011

In Venuezela, two young gay men shot and beheaded

Source: La Prensa de Barinas

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At a meeting with a dreadful death was attended by the Tuesday night Luis Enrique Montilla and his friend Ramon Gallardo Baudilio Bastidas, after someone heard them say they had a meeting Canyon in the cemetery. The two aged 18, engaged in hairdressing and beauty face, thought it was a regular appointment with friends, as they were allegedly used to, but someone was just hoping not to have a good time, but to execute in such an appalling that consisted of shot, ransom and catch on fire one of them while trying to escape from that trap.

On the morning of Monday, the bodies and abused Montilla and Gallardo were found, after their relatives reported missing since Tuesday night when they went out together.

The expert performed at the site of the horrific discovery revealed that Luis Enrique Montilla was shot several times, then cut his throat and throw in a pit of that cemetery. It was probably the first executed. A Gallardo Baudilio Antonio Bastidas, for his part, settled when he tried to flee, as his body was found against a wall.

I opened fire once in the abdomen, cut his throat and set fire to live to die slowly. Canyon community was alarmed by the discovery of the bodies of two young men with effeminate tendency dedicated to the salon for some time.

Luis Enrique Montilla was domiciled in the district October 12, while his friend Ramon Gallardo Baudilio The Retruque sector, both in Barrancas, Paredes Cruz municipality. "We have an appointment there"

Montilla and Gallardo, according to testimony from relatives and friends, worked as hairdressers in a salon Barrancas, Paredes Cruz municipality. The last Tuesday night, his friends were out together in the house of Montilla.

"A friend of Baudilio told us that they were walking together and asked them where they were going and they replied that they were going to the Municipal Cemetery. The friend asked why they moved to that place so desolate and dark, but they said that had a very important ", said Braulio Garcia, the progenitor of Baudilio Gallardo.

He added that within minutes, the friend of Montilla Gallardo saw several young people spend on bikes heading for the cemetery. "No one saw her return or Luis Enrique, or Baudilio Ramon, or these guys who were cycling, we assume that the double homicide occurred and they escaped through the other side", said a police source. A terrible vengeance

The research supervisor of the Scientific Police in the state, Commissioner Jose Morales Chacón said that the motive that claim in this double murder is the reckoning and revenge due to a number of elements that indicate so. He said that the date of death of the two barbers was four days, indicating that they were killed the same Tuesday night when they saw them out together.

He said a committee of that body against homicide detective is in possession of items of forensic interest that could assist in the course of solving the case.


  1. The English translation of this article is highly inaccurate. Here is the original news article in Spanish: http://www.laprensadebarinas.com.ve/nueva/xxview.php?ArtID=115401

  2. I do realise that! There is a link to the original at the top.

  3. Could you share the link to the original article again? The other links are broken. Thank you!


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