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Evil against LGBT: Ostensibly in the name of god + the law

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By Danny

Shocking, but true, is to learn that out of 76 countries that currently criminalize homosexuality, 45 are former British anti gay colonies whose modern elites in charge of current governments are largely Christian.

The legacy of Christianity and British rule and morality in many parts of the modern world need careful and urgent scrutiny in the light of millions of suffering human lives as a result of the consequences of that legacy.

The legacy is weighing heavily on the shoulders of the LGB who, among other evils, risk suffering the death penalty or life imprisonment for being gay and are excluded from national HIV strategies in many countries because (according to the Law), they remain an illegal group.

In recent times, we have witnessed the worst homophobia and anti-gay hate incidences in countries like Uganda, Malawi and Nigeria. Coalitions have been formed (like; Coalition for the Restoration of Moral Values; headed by Dr. James Nsaba Buturo, former Ugandan Ethics minister) and registered with government departments to have a legal mandate for their work.

Legislations have been drafted with clear and legalized objectives to systemically commit evil against innocent citizens (members of the LGBT community).  These activities are spearheaded and supported by religious leaders and protected by the law.

More than half of the countries, who deny basic information and health services to gender and sexual minorities within their national boundaries, do so because of religious and largely Christian beliefs that strongly influence public policies.

Public health and human rights advocates have spoken for over a decade about the risks of creating these significant holes in the fabric of comprehensive national health policies, but leaders in homophobic counties have chosen to keep their ears shut to this calling. This has left a gap in global interventions for universal access to health care, which is regrettable.

One wonders what leaders of today (both religious and political) want to be remembered for, 50 years from now. Do they want to be remembered for gross violations of global and fundamental human rights and a failed public policy on HIV/AIDS? Or do they want to be remembered for being a diverse global community that disagreed about a lot of things, but drew a sacred line at protecting human life and promoting families of birth and families of choice? 

The hate and discrimination meted out on the LGBT cannot (in any form) be Christian and Christians around the world should not be deceived and lured into this evil.  It remains evil and in sharp contrast with the core teaching of Christianity. An outstanding characteristic of the first century Christian community was that Christians shared food and hospitality with one another outside of rigid family and social systems.

They were families of choice. People were cared for and protected in those communities. There is no community on earth that is living this orthodox practice in our modern world, more deeply than gay and lesbian persons in multiple and diverse cultures.

The fact that the LGBT are united globally for common causes; to care for and empower each other; to change the future for the better; is an indication of the scale of the invisible and unappreciated contribution “families of choice” make to our global family.

Radical stances like Bahati’s Bill in Uganda (for some Christians, the first fruits of their new world order blossoming in the Pearl of Africa - Uganda), undermines both human life and mutual unity. If supported, such stances would require that family members report on each other, if they are gay or even suspected of being so. Sadly, the ‘Bahatis’ in the homophobic world have the backing of some Christian movements and religious fundamentalists from the global North.

Ironically, the global North is taking the lead in respecting and protecting LGBT rights and one might assume that the religious fundamentalists living there, are making similar efforts to influence their governments to change their laws accordingly, but that is not the case. This raises a very big question about the prudence of these Christian movements and their leaders. If they think and strongly believe that GLBT rights are not good for humanity, why don’t they seek to have strict ant-gay laws in their own countries?

Some Christian churches in Africa are convinced that God is calling them to be the new missionaries to other parts of the world and to their seedling congregations that have left the Church and allowed GLBT rights to prevail in this Godless world (the global North).

But their partners living in this world referred to as “Godless” consider the mission unnecessary and have done everything possible to avoid being seen participating in a mission of that nature. In reality, they don’t want to participate because their common sense tells them that the mission is evil.

They don’t want to be seen committing evil against their own people. It is a mission that would require them to report their sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, neighbors or co-workers who are gay or lesbian to the police, knowing that their people will go to prison for 7-20 years or even face a death sentence.

This is what homophobic Christians in countries like Uganda, Malawi and Nigeria are supporting and the clergy in these countries can praise Jesus and urge everyone to love and be good to their neighbor. What a lie!

Globalization has brought us closer to each other and there is no going back. Our silence in the perpetuation of hate and discrimination against a section of humanity has profound implications. We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines and be indifferent about this evil committed against the LGBT community (ostensibly) in the name of restoring Christian values and keeping the law.

God invites us to give life, not to destroy it and if we don’t support evil, we must share our concerns and take a position about the dignity, rights and responsibilities that we owe one another as global citizens for the good of the entire humanity.

Danny is a refuge living in Kenya, having fled his country of origin where he was persecuted by his government. He was accused of being gay, promoting homosexuality in the country and collaborating with International LGBT organizations to sabotage government programs and hatching plans with those organizations to destabilize government.
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